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Megha Metal Crafts (P). Ltd. was a result to the concept of business diversification of the Fujima Organization. Established in the year 1995 as a sister concern of the Fujima Oil Company (P.) Ltd. and one of the branches of Fujima Organmization, Megha Metal Crafts (P) Ltd. has its manufacturing unit located at Tankisinwari VDC, Morang Districct, Koshi Zone, Nepal. The company is involved in the printing, fabrication and trading of ferrous metal sheets and is delivering its service to the whole Kingdom of Nepal.

In its earlier stage its primary focus stywas on providing service to its different customers with printed tin containers. With its growth it started manufacturing printed show-boards using Automated Offset Printing Machine of modern technology. Besides, it is also involved in the manufacturing of stationery materials like Matt Stand, Tin Tag, Calendar Clip, etc. Looking at its market strategy, Megha Metal Crafts (P). Ltd. has been able to grab the 50% market of Nepal in the field of ferrous metal sheets and has also been able to export its printed metal sheets to different cities of India. The company promises to stabilize its trend of providing quality products and exceed the same.

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